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Barriers to Enterprise Standardization
September 12, 2011

William Allison ( ) is Director, Campus Technology Services, at the University of California, Berkeley. Comments on this article can be posted to the web via …

The Next Open Source Movement
July 6, 2009

A university and a community college are first institutions to undertake large-scale installations of administrative software created by consortium and open to all. Is industry shake-up imminent?…

What's a Kuali?
September 4, 2007

"A cute name belies the mission of this open source financial management software for higher education, which soon enters its next incarnation." …

IT Asset Management: Watch Your Assets
January 1, 2005

"Don't send your money down the, well, you know. Asset management tools can save dollars wasted by expiring leases and redundant licenses, but they can also team up with network managemen…

The Alchemy of Strong Working Relationships in Enterprise Projects
January 1, 2004

University budgets, endowments, and donor relationships are at a critical crossroads. Tracking thousands and millions of dollars can be the decisive factor in an institution's financial viabil…

PayQuest: Less Paper, More Power
January 1, 2003

Facing unprecedented campus growth, the University of California Irvine is challenged to control costs and improve service delivery. Our campus solution is PayQuest, an image-enabled, Web payment r…

The Unexpected Webification of FRS
January 1, 2003

Wesleyan University has used the Financial Records System (FRS) from SCT for 10 years. Replacements are approximately two to three years away. Consequently, the Office of Finance and Administration…

PayQuest: Less Paper, More Power
January 1, 2003

PayQuest leverages a Java n-tier application to streamline preparation of payment requests. This approach relieves overextended staff in the disbursements department by: ·eliminating redundant…

eProcurement in Higher Education: Strategies, Implementation Considerations and ROI Measurements
January 1, 2001

Due to the unique requirements of higher education institutions, including fund accounting, supplier diversity, and the management of grants and contracts, the traditional saving initiatives used i…

January 1, 2001

Duke University is implementing an e-business pilot to identify policies and procedures necessary for e-business at an enterprise level. Residential Services within the Office of Information Techno…