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Harness e-Procurement Power: Save by Tracking Spending
February 9, 2015

Key Takeaways Tracking procurement activities across departments is challenging enough; attempting to analyze the process to identify possible savings is even more diffic…

eProcurement: One Stop Shopping
January 1, 2005

"With budgets slimmer than ever, schools are turning to eProcurement systems as a way to cut costs." "With budgets slimmer than ever, sc…

HigherMarkets, a SciQuest Solution - E-Procurement: The Administrative Application That Could
January 1, 2004

The average campus allocates 20 percent of its operating budget to purchasing, yet few campuses consider e-procurement a priority. Learn how the University of New Mexico and the University of Penns…

e-Procurement at The University of Notre Dame
January 1, 2003

Geared to both a functional and technical audience, this session explores how the University of Notre Dame is pursuing e-procurement as a major initiative on campus, and is. We will consider how e-…

PayQuest: Less Paper, More Power
January 1, 2003

PayQuest leverages a Java n-tier application to streamline preparation of payment requests. This approach relieves overextended staff in the disbursements department by: ·eliminating redundant…

E-Procurement, an End-to-End Trip
January 1, 2002

The University of Toronto has completed its first transaction for end-to-end e-procurement. Users are able to select items for purchase without having to leave the comfort of their browser. This pr…

Vive la Difference?
January 1, 2002

The author discusses the problems that may arise when institutions choose several different paths to accomplish a common goal, such as computer procurement or the choice of Instructional Management…

eProcurement in Higher Education: Strategies, Implementation Considerations and ROI Measurements
January 1, 2001

Due to the unique requirements of higher education institutions, including fund accounting, supplier diversity, and the management of grants and contracts, the traditional saving initiatives used i…

Functional Reengineering of a Purchasing Card System
January 1, 1999

This paper focuses on the successful reengineering of the functionality and methods in the highly automated Iowa State University (ISU) Purchasing Card System. The development of ISU's purchas…

University of Colorado Acquisition Card Project: A Successful Partnership of Program, Process, and Systems
January 1, 1998

Graham and Vaughan write about the success of the Acquisition Card Project at the University of Colorado of Boulder. The growing procurement card program has cut down on work for small-dollar purch…