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Sustainable Technology at WPI
October 29, 2009

Key Takeaways A combination of sustainable technology initiatives at WPI has successfully reduced the university’s costs, carbon emissions, and energy consumption. Converting to energ…

Printing Survey
July 22, 2009

These are results of an informal survey from the EDUCAUSE CIO listserv on student's printing limits. The questions asked are as follows; How many pages is a student allowed to print per …

Rationalizing IT Rationing: 10 Ways to Cut the IT Budget (and What Not to Cut)
July 30, 2009

Key Takeaways Budget pressures on higher education affect IT departments, but cuts in IT should not be across the board — they should align with institutional and departmental strategic p…

Climate Change, Campus Commitments, and IT
September 30, 2008

This ECAR research bulletin analyzes how several IT offices, largely at Maryland colleges and universities, are responding to the challenges issued in the American College & University Pres…

7 Things You Should Know About Lulu
January 22, 2008

Lulu is a web-based self-publishing service, providing online access to the tools an individual needs to design, publish, and print original material, including books, brochures, reports, calend…

3D Printing: Making the Virtual Real
October 15, 2007

The evolving technologies committee is charged with identifying and monitoring evolving technologies and their impact on higher education institutions. This submission is on 3D printing. A 3D …

PrintSense: Making Sense of Print Management
March 14, 2006

This research bulletin describes the process by which The College of New Jersey considered choices and built a functional model for managing on-campus student printing costs, resources, and suppo…

Computer Lab & Library Printing Policy
January 1, 2005

Printing polices put into place due to large printing costs in computer labs and the library. Printing polices put into place due to large printing cos…

Project Cupid: A Romance Between Networking and Publishing
January 1, 1995

High-end network publishing that really works. High-end network publishing that really works. …

Robert D. Jones, II

Assistant Director of End User Engineering and Operations

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, Michigan


Robert D. Jones, II