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University of California, San Diego: Increasing Operational Efficiencies Through Business Process Redesign and Analytics
December 12, 2005

This case study illustrates how UCSD has accomplished a significant business process redesign through Sponsored Project Excellence Achieved through Redesign (SPEAR), a project in research and gra…

University of Phoenix: Driving Decisions Through Academic Analytics
December 12, 2005

This case study examines how developing a data-driven decision-making environment through academic analytics has challenged the University of Phoenix throughout its central and campus organizatio…

Business Intelligence Software: Get Smart
January 1, 2004

Trying to reduce operational costs and build new revenue opportunities? Data analysis is the key, and that means it's time for BI software. Trying…

Building Information out of Data: Executive Information System at Penn State
January 1, 1998

At the Pennsylvania State University (Penn State), the Executive Information System (EIS) provides summary information for executives, using data automatically extracted from a warehouse, operating…

Information Architecture--Bringing the University's Information Inventory Under Control
January 1, 1997

The University of Arizona recognizes data as an asset. This paper covers the University's early efforts to organize institutional data and the subsequent events that led to the present work o…

The Development and Delivery of an Academic Departmental Management Information System through the use of World Wide Web Technologies
January 1, 1997

This paper describes how the WWW is being used to provide management information to decision-makers of academic units at the University of Kansas. A system called DEMIS, Departmental Executive Mana…

Developing a Framework for Corporate Information Management
January 1, 1996

The fiscal, economic, and social/demographic changes facing higher education have caused the CSU Office of the Chancellor (corporate headquarters ) to transform significantly. A consequence of this…

Lessons from a Successful Data Warehouse Implementation
January 1, 1995

A data warehouse is often the first client/server application an organization attempts. This was the case at Arizona State University (ASU), where such a project brought together student, financial…

OLAP/EIS Tops Off the Data Warehouse
January 1, 1995

On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) has emerged as a "break through" technology that can provide the foundation for fast, easy, affordable EIS solutions. OLAP technologies, when integrat…

OLAP: A Fast, Easy, Affordable Executive Information System -- Finally!
January 1, 1995

Online analytical processing (OLAP) has emerged as a ÊbreakthroughË technology that can provide the foundation for EIS solutions. Using OLAP, senior managers are able to view hundreds of gra…