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Latest Trends in Student Information Systems: Driven by Competition
May 9, 2012

Ron Bonig is Research Director, Higher Education Gartner, Inc. The rapid changes in consumer technologies across the spectrum of users—old, young, experienced, novice—and the pe…

Panel: Integration with the Rest of the Infrastructure
January 1, 2004

This interactive panel session will explore early case studies of the current privilege management model in use at Stanford and early experiences with Grouper. Topics covered include how these syst…

What Does Systems Integration Really Mean for Higher Education
January 1, 2003

The author discusses the issues of maintaining higher education systems integration. The author discusses the issues of maintaining higher education sy…

Leveraging Applications and Network Services Using Authentication
January 1, 2003

After deploying a campus authentication system, the rub comes in retrofitting operating systems, modem banks, databases, and other application and network services. This panel session will explor…

Strategically Planning Modernization of Homegrown Administrative Systems
January 1, 2003

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire currently supports administrative operations with a homegrown, internally maintained set of integrated administrative systems. New demands for increased funct…

Enterprise Application Integration at the University of Cincinnati
January 1, 2003

Microsoft's BizTalk Server facilitated the integration of University of Cincinnati and its partners' applications through the use of accepted industry standards. …

You've Built the Pieces, Now Integrate Your Enterprise!
January 1, 2003

Many of us have spent the past several years implementing ERP solutions and developing in-house systems. Combine that with legacy systems and you have nice, shiny, new-world stovepipes. Enterprise …

The Next-Generation Infrastructure
January 1, 2002

Higher education needs a next-generation infrastructure that will allow colleges and universities to be user-centered, to establish and maintain lifelong relationships with individuals, and to prov…

Integrated Library Systems: What our customers will be using up front
January 1, 2002

The evolving technologies committee is charged with identifying and monitoring evolving technologies and their impact on higher education institutions. This submission is on Integrated Library Syst…

The Next-Generation Infrastructure
January 8, 2002

This Research Bulletin describes the infrastructure needed to "glue" current and future IT applications together, creating a truly seamless, user-centric IT environment. The user is at …