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Assessing and Communicating the Value of IT
August 2, 2005

This research bulletin suggests methodologies for assessing, measuring, and communicating the value of information technology as a strategic asset in higher education. It covers approaches that c…

Good Enough! IT Investment and Business Process Performance in Higher Education Roadmap
June 15, 2005

This Roadmap is designed to illuminate the major discoveries of the ECAR research study called Good Enough! IT Investment and Business Process Performance in Higher Education, which takes a compl…

The Four Horsemen
January 1, 1995

Offering solutions to the cost vs. quality trade-off. Offering solutions to the cost vs. quality trade-off. …

THE IUPUI Enrollment Center: From Concept to Reality
January 1, 1998

This paper describes the evolution and implementation of the Enrollment Center Initiative to create a "virtual enrollment center" as the initial point of entry for prospective and returni…

The Proceedings of the 1993 CAUSE Annual Conference
January 1, 1993

The 1993 CAUSE Annual Conference offered presentations in six tracks: Leadership During Times of Change; Leveraging People with Technology; The Impact of Quality; Managing in a Client/Server Enviro…

A Visit from Saint Mickolas: Earning Your Mouster's Degree in Leadership
January 1, 1998

Strauss talks about the Disney "quality" approach to leadership, an approach which is simple but effective. As Disney employees are taught to exceed each guest's expectations by just…

Seven Steps to Successful Team Building
January 1, 1997

This paper describes a success story at SUNY Buffalo's Administrative Computing Services Department, including the essential elements in building both communication and teamwork in an IS depar…

The Manager's Changing Role in a Teams Environment
January 1, 1995

What is the impact of empowered teams on the role of managers? This viewpoint explores the "advisor" or "advocate" role for managers who are considering the deployment of a team…

Now that I've Empowered my Staff, What Do I Do?!
January 1, 1994

There is a management revolution gaining momentum in this country and its name is teams. Much has been written about teams; most of it focusing on the effectiveness gains that are possible, the qu…

Self-Assessment for Campus Information Technology Services
January 1, 1994

Professional Paper #12. The congruence in higher education of heightened visibility for information technology and a growing demand for accountability makes this an ideal time to assess campus info…