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Trending Now: Recent News in the Postsecondary World of Next Generation Learning
January 7, 2014

Near the end of 2013, developments in higher education that caught our attention  included a nationally telecast meeting in Washington on competency-based education at community colleges and a r…

Special Snowflakes?
August 27, 2013

Following up on my last blog post about the future of administrative information systems, I want to spur your thinking and comments about the core elements that significantly drive costs upward…

Assessing Your Fiscal Bandwidth: Current Practices for Measuring IT Costs in Higher Education
May 14, 2013

Accurately and consistently measuring the cost of IT in higher education is an essential part of strategic IT management, yet according to IT leaders, cost data have proven elusive. What if a…

Redesigning Schools to Reach Every Student with Excellent Teachers: A Financial Planning Summary
May 1, 2012

This brief  summarizes the ways that schools and their teachers can simultaneously reach more students with excellent teaching,  expand teachers’ career opportunities, and sustainably fun…

Innovating Toward Sustainability: How Computer Labs Can Enable New Staffing Structures, and New Savings
December 1, 2012

Even as new educational technologies have emerged, staffing innovations have seemed all but impossible in American schools. Charter and district schools alike long ago surrendered to the notion t…

The Costs of Online Learning
January 1, 2012

It’s impossible to put a single price tag on “online learning” because, like cars, colleges, and cottages, it comes in widely varying levels of quality and efficiency. Instead, this paper…

Encouraging Social Innovation through Capital: Using Technology to Address Barriers
November 1, 2011

This report, co-authored by Bryan Hassel for Bellwether Education Partners, examines how technology can optimize the flow of investment capital to drive innovation in public education. As descr…

Moving from Inputs to Outputs to Outcomes: The Future of Education Policy
June 1, 2012

The fast-growing field of online learning, in which over 4 million K–12 students and over 75 percent of school districts nationwide are utilizing some form of online learning, has the potenti…

Podcast: The "New Normal" and the Need for Adaptation in Higher Education
November 24, 2012

Speaker: Kimberly Tuby, Vice President/Senior Credit Officer, Moody's The "New Normal" and the Need for Adaptation in Higher Education This session will focus on some of the new…

Rethinking Higher Education Technology
May 9, 2012

Stephen Laster is Chief Information Officer, Harvard Business School. He is Editor of the EDUCAUSE Review Viewpoints department for 2012. These are interesting times for hig…