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Social Media Use on the Internet
July 8, 2010

A Guide for University of Iowa Employees on Social Media Use on the Internet. A Guide for University of Iowa Employees on Social Media Use on the…

DePaul University Social Media Guidelines
January 1, 2011

DePaul University provides general recommendations for Social Media use. DePaul University provides general recommendations for Social Media us…

Social Media guidelines
June 4, 2009

This blog from Florida International University provides some guidelines for how to communicate on behalf of FIU on social media sites. This blog…

Frenemies on Facebook
December 29, 2008

A blogger exposes an elaborate effort by a private company to create a captive market of students on the popular social networking site. A blogge…

Results-Based Interaction Design
November 17, 2008

© 2008 Meredith Weiss. The text of this article is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 license ( ). EDUCAU…

Facelifts for the Facebook Generation
September 14, 2007

Institutions of higher education are increasingly turning to web 2.0 technologies such as facebook, blogging, podcasting and photo sharing sites to market their schools to the net generation. …

2006 eduWeb Conference
January 1, 2006

The eduWeb Conference offers attendees a combination of sessions on higher education Web development and Web marketing. The eduWeb Conference offers at…

Web Space 9: A Journey Through Time
July 18, 2006

This bulletin discusses the processes being applied to refine the focus of the University of Toronto's institution-wide Web space to better serve the community in a more coordinated manner. …

Breaking Down the Barriers to Maintaining the Institutional Web Site
January 1, 2004

The typical institutional Web site has ballooned in size and complexity beyond the point of being easily maintained by a Web manager or even a small group of Web administration staff. This presenta…

uPortal Open-Source Portal for Higher Education
January 1, 2003

The institutional Web is a multifaceted lens that shapes our view of learning and living. Through this lens we project the official institution, while our customers focus on tailored personal views…