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The Rise of Big Data
May 9, 2012

Louis Soares is Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress Technology will transform higher education, just as it has many other industries. This will happen as information technol…

Chapter 13: Providing Quality Higher Education for Adults
May 2, 2012

A chapter from Game Changers Susan C. Aldridge University of Maryland University College (UMUC) first opened its classrooms in 1947 as a special college at the University of Marylan…

Chapter 11: SUNY Empire State College: A Game Changer in Open Learning
May 2, 2012

A chapter from Game Changers Meg Benke, Alan Davis, and Nan L. Travers This chapter is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License The Learning-F…

Chapter 10: University of Phoenix
May 2, 2012

A chapter from Game Changers William (Bill) Pepicello Introduction The University of Phoenix was founded in 1976 on the principle that a large number of people wished to earn a d…

The ‘Personalization’ of Higher Education: Using Technology to Enhance the College Experience
October 4, 2011

This brief from the Center for American Progress provides an overview of technology and industry change, a series of examples of technology innovations that are driving the “personalization”…

Tune In March 22 -- The Rise of Big Data in Higher Education*
March 16, 2012

This free hour-long session, “ The Rise of Big Data in Higher Education ,” will explore the fine-grained information about customer experiences, organizational processes, and emergent tre…

7 Things You Should Know About Google Wave
October 29, 2009

Google Wave is a web-based application that represents a rethinking of electronic communication. Users create online spaces called “waves,” which include multiple discrete messages an…

The 2009 Horizon Report
February 18, 2009

Join us for this discussion between the founder and a long-standing advisory board member of the NMC's Horizon Project. As part of this effort, an annual report is produced each year in coll…

2009 Horizon Report
January 20, 2009

The annual Horizon Report is a collaborative effort between the New Media Consortium (NMC) and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI). Each year, the report identifies and describes six areas of …

Library Portals and What's Next
January 1, 2005

Is the library portal about to yield to the Next Big Thing? Is the library portal about to yield to the Next Big Thing? …