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EDUCAUSE Comments on Proposed FERPA Rules (May 23, 2011)
May 23, 2011

This May 23, 2011 letter to the Department of EDUCATION includes comments from EDUCAUSE on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to amend the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). T…

Identity Finder Case Study
June 21, 2010

The University of Pennsylvania enacted a comprehensive Social Security Number policy in May of 2007. The stated purpose of the policy was to protect social security numbers by eliminating them, c…

Guide to Protecting the Confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information
April 15, 2010

This publication provides guidance to agencies for identifying PII and determining the appropriate level of protection for it. It also suggests controls to provide that level of protection and gi…

Privacy Concerns About U.S. Database
November 19, 2008

College and student groups balk at proposal by Education Dept.’s inspector general to collect in a central database (and potentially share) massive amounts of personal information. …

Is It OK that Google Owns Us?
June 18, 2007

The author outlines the issue of Google collecting private data. She provides a list of data that Google collects and retains and the technologies through which the company gets it. …

Unearthing Sensitive Data--Scaled to Your Institution
March 10, 2010 | A session at the NERCOMP Annual Conference 2010

From small colleges to large universities, all institutions are swimming in an alphabet soup of regulations regarding information privacy and prevention of identity theft: 201 CMR 17, FERPA, HIPAA,…

Navigating the Web of Regulated Data
January 14, 2010 | A session at the EDUCAUSE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference 2010

In response to the data breach of over 38,000 Social Security numbers in January 2008, Georgetown University Information Services initiated a university-wide data inventory and campaign to address …

Report Issued on The Use of Social Security Numbers in California Colleges and Universities
July 1, 2010

On July 1, 2010, the California College and University Social Security Number Task Force, established by the Office of Privacy Protection , issued a report, “ The Use of Social Security…

NIST Releases Guide to Protecting the Confidentiality of PII
April 19, 2010

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released new guidelines to help agencies safeguard personal information: Special Publication 800-122, " Guide to Protecting the…

Uncovering Confidential Data and Data Loss Prevention on Campus
April 21, 2009 | A session at the Security 2009

Securing personally identifiable information (PII) and data loss prevention (DLP) are important parts of a modern security program. This panel will discuss regulatory and other drivers, common elem…