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Podcast: Duane Schau on Virtualization at Indiana University
September 27, 2013

This podcast features a conversation with Director of Client Services for Indiana University, Duane Schau . In this interview he discusses the advantages and challenges of virtualization.  …

Podcast: Achieving Virtualization: The Holy Grail of IT
November 28, 2012

Speakers: Eric DenBraber, Assistant Director - Housing IT, University of Colorado Boulder Robert Dixon , Director of Information Technology - Housing & Dining Services, Unive…

Key Considerations for Virtualization
April 11, 2011

This article suggests that these five questions are asked before you move forward with virtualization. "With enrollment climbing steadily each year at Pima County Community College Dist…

Combining Data Center Consolidation and Server Virtualization: The Path to Nirvana or the Road to Hell?
March 30, 2010

IT organizations combining data center consolidation and server virtualization must understand how the sequence of consolidation operations (i.e., server virtualization before, during, or after d…

E10 Session Podcast: Steps to a Cloud-Ready Data Center
December 15, 2010

Current data center networks limit scalability and flexibility. This session presents a three-step approach to a cloud-ready data center: simplify, share, secure. Simplify by creating simple, sca…

7 Things You Should Know About Virtualization
October 5, 2009

Virtualization is an approach by which several applications—sometimes running on different operating systems—run on the same piece of hardware, creating multiple “virtual 

Rationalizing IT Rationing: 10 Ways to Cut the IT Budget (and What Not to Cut)
July 30, 2009

Key Takeaways Budget pressures on higher education affect IT departments, but cuts in IT should not be across the board — they should align with institutional and departmental strategic p…

Green IT Survey
May 26, 2009

This May 2009 survey is a critical component of the EDUCAUSE Center on Applied Research (ECAR) study of how higher education information technology (IT) organizations are participating in institu…

5 Reasons to Switch to Virtual Servers
January 15, 2009

Everyone is touting server virtualization as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Is it a worthwhile technology, or just the latest trend? Eve…

Seminar 10A - Designing Virtualization and Cloud Services into a High-Availability, Multitiered, Multilocation Data Center (separate registration required)
October 15, 2013 | A session at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2013

After surviving two significant natural disasters and numerous man-made ones, we thought virtualizing both our data centers and installing a geoclustered private cloud would be the way to keep crit…