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ELI2011 Podcast: The Problem of Learning in the Postcourse Era
March 8, 2011

Higher education teaching practices (and curricula) sit at the potentially tense convergence of the power of experiential, ubiquitous and social learning on the one hand and rising pr…

ELI2011 Podcast: The Open Textbook Puzzle
March 8, 2011

Can open textbooks provide a viable solution to high-cost textbooks? Are they quality books? What will encourage faculty to develop or adopt them? What is a book? How do students prefer t…

ELI 2011 Podcast: Blended Learning Designs: A Learning Science Perspective
March 8, 2011

SRI's recent meta-analysis of the online learning research literature found that, on average, students in blended learning conditions have stronger learning outcomes than those recei…

ELI2011 Podcast: The 2011 Horizon Report
March 8, 2011

For nearly nine years, the annual Horizon Report , a joint publication of the New Media Consortium and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, has tracked new and emerging technologies f…

ELI2011 Podcast: Openness, Learning Analytics, and Continuous Quality Improvement
March 8, 2011

The primary purpose of educators is to help people improve in some way. In a deep and overarching way, the second purpose of educators should be to improve our ability to educate. " Opennes…

ELI2011 Podcast: Gathering Evidence to Make an Impact: How Less Can Be More
March 7, 2011

Gathering evidence on the effectiveness of current practice and innovations is necessary but of limited value if it does not also make an impact. Far too often, effective programs wither …

ELI2011 Podcast: Continuous Improvement in Teaching and Learning: The Open Learning Initiative
March 7, 2011

Using intelligent tutoring systems , virtual laboratories , simulations, and frequent opportunities for assessment and feedback , the Open Learning Initiative (OLI) at Carnegie Mello…

ELI2011 Podcast: How To Fix Copyright
March 7, 2011

Due to the changes wrought by digital technology and the Internet, ordinary people are becoming authors , publishers , and, less appealingly, potential infringers on a massive scale…

ELI2011 Podcast: The State of Ohio's Digital Bookshelf Project
March 7, 2011

For the 2010 academic year, 50,000 of Ohio's 70,000 Introductory Psychology students have had a low-cost digital option available for the textbook of their instructor's choice. …

ELI2011 Podcast: Using Technology to Engage Students
March 7, 2011

It has been suggested that the lack of interaction in large lecture courses is to blame for the many problems facing these courses: declining enrollments , low attendance, poor evaluat…