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Openness: Decoupling the Future to Radically Improve Access to Education
October 10, 2011

The costs of higher education are soaring for a variety of reasons. A significant factor that will continue to drive costs over the next two decades is that the number of students trying to ente…

Obama Admin. Renews College Costs Focus
December 6, 2011

Today's Inside Higher Ed reports on the outcomes of yesterday's White House roundtable discussion with college and university presidents about ways to reduce college costs, def…

e-Textbook Apps and Higher Education Costs
August 11, 2011

The high cost of textbooks has been a significant concern among students, families, and legislators for the last several years, and it has often been used as a proxy for concerns about higher …

A Student Debt "Bubble" and Higher Education Costs
August 10, 2011

The Huffington Post reports that Moody's recently issued a report in which it indicated that the next consumer debt crisis may arise from college graduates with high student loan burden…

Reinventing Higher Education: The Editors Speak
June 23, 2011

At a forum held this morning in Washington, DC, by the marketing and communications firm Lipman Hearne, the three editors of the recently released book Reinventing Higher Education: The Prom…