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Podcast: David Consiglio Updates the MISO Survey
February 24, 2012

David Consiglio is head of research support and educational technology at Bryn Mawr College. He also helps to conduct the yearly MISO survey. The Measuring Information Service Outcomes ( …

Evaluating IT and Library Services with the MISO Survey
July 26, 2011

This ECAR research bulletin offers a detailed look at the Measuring Information Service Outcomes (MISO) Survey. Following a description of the underlying survey methodology, this bulletin …

Reshaping Information Services for Students of the iGeneration: Evidence and Insights from the MISO Survey
October 14, 2010 | A session at the EDUCAUSE 2010 Annual Conference

IT organizations and libraries must transform their services for undergraduates who take online resources for granted and consider support services to be less and less valuable. When planning for t…