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Ten Reasons Service Science Matters to Universities
November 1, 2012

Jim Spohrer, Director of IBM Global University Programs, co-founded the service research area of IBM Research. Dianne Fodell, Program Manager in IBM Global University Programs responsible for …

IT as a Game Changer
June 6, 2012

Diana G. Oblinger is President and CEO of EDUCAUSE. This article is adapted from a chapter in the recently published book by Diana G. Oblinger, ed., Game Changers: Education …

Chapter 3: IT as a Game Changer
May 2, 2012

A chapter from Game Changers Diana G. Oblinger Information technology can be a game changer in higher education, as it has been in other sectors. IT has brought about much of the ec…

Leveraging Service Blueprinting to Rethink Higher Education
October 31, 2011

In this paper, by authors Amy L. Ostrom, Mary Jo Bitner, Kevin A. Burkhard,  the Center For American Progress takes the position that higher education is a service, or a service system, and …

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