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Quality Control in K–12 Digital Learning: Three (Imperfect) Approaches
January 1, 2011

Digital learning makes possible the “unbundling” of school provisions—that is, it allows children to be served by providers from almost anywhere, in new and more customized ways. At the s…

School Finance in the Digital-Learning Era
January 1, 2011

America’s system for financing K-12 education is not neutral about innovation and the use of new technologies. Indeed, that system is stacked against them. To remedy this, our education-fundi…

Overcoming the Governance Challenge in K-12 Online Learning
January 1, 2012

Online learning and our current system of local education governance are at odds with one another, to say the least. In this paper, John Chubb examines how local school district control retards…

The Costs of Online Learning
January 1, 2012

It’s impossible to put a single price tag on “online learning” because, like cars, colleges, and cottages, it comes in widely varying levels of quality and efficiency. Instead, this paper…

Implementing Online Learning Labs in Schools and Districts: Lessons From Miami-Dade’s First Year
November 1, 2011

A s online learning programs become prevalent in U.S. schools, school and district leaders, teachers, and policy makers are looking for the best ways to use technology to enhance learning. T…

Moving from Inputs to Outputs to Outcomes: The Future of Education Policy
June 1, 2012

The fast-growing field of online learning, in which over 4 million K–12 students and over 75 percent of school districts nationwide are utilizing some form of online learning, has the potenti…

Unleashing the Potential of Technology in Education
August 1, 2012

The long-promised technology revolution in education is now possible—but hardly inevitable. Educators and policymakers must act today to unleash the potential of technology to improve instruc…

Bridges and Barriers to Teaching Online College Courses: A Study of Experienced Online Faculty in Thirty-Six Colleges
July 1, 2007

This paper reports on initial findings from a research study of factors that enable and constrain faculty participation in online teaching and learning environments. It is noted that demand for…

Breakthrough Models for College Completion: The Next Generation of Models for Higher Education
November 28, 2012

Updated May 2015 This compilation of Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) grantee profiles illustrates the innovative approaches of the postsecondary degree program designs award…

Online Undergraduate Degree Completion Program: University of Washington
November 28, 2012

Updated May 2015 This flagship institution in the state of Washington is offering a low-cost online bachelor’s degree completion program, designed to serve working adults with some colle…