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New Charter University
November 28, 2012

Updated October 2013 New Charter University delivers relevant, outcomes-driven learning and college degrees where the university’s courses and content are freely available on the Inter…

The Texas Affordable Baccalaureate Program
November 28, 2012

Updated March 2015 The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), South Texas College, Texas A&M University–Commerce, and the College for All Texans Foundation launched a new…

Altius Education's Ivy Bridge College
November 28, 2012

Updated January 2014 With NGLC grant funding awarded in 2012, Altius Education intended to build a robust data-gathering and analytics capability in their Helix learning platform and de…

Personalized Learning at Northern Arizona University
November 28, 2012

Updated March 2015 Northern Arizona University launched a Personalized Learning program in spring 2013 to offer bachelor’s degrees that are more accessible, flexible, and efficient. Each…

Rio Salado College
November 28, 2012

Updated March 2015 Rio Salado College is creating new processes to make college completion more attainable for Pell-eligible students, individuals with substantial credit for prior learnin…

College for America
November 28, 2012

Updated October 2013 Focused on “unconfident learners”—those who are familiar with educational failures, unsure of their abilities, or balancing the demands of work and family—the …

Breakthrough Models for College Completion: The Next Generation of Models for Higher Education
November 28, 2012

Updated May 2015 This compilation of Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) grantee profiles illustrates the innovative approaches of the postsecondary degree program designs award…

Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia
November 28, 2012

Updated October 2013 The University System of Georgia and one of its institutions, Columbus State University, are designing a new Bachelor of Arts degree program in Communication with a Ci…

Tracking SARA: An Update on the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement
November 14, 2012

The federal regulation requiring institutions to get local approval (if needed) when serving students in other states is on hold but might return. Meanwhile, the states still expect instituti…

The Ins and Outs of Online Learning
November 7, 2012 | A session at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2012

This session will compare and contrast two very different models for building and delivering online learning programs. Penn State maintains a highly decentralized e-learning ecosystem where acade…