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Case Study 12: Georgetown University: Web Conferencing—A Critical Skill for the Connected World
May 2, 2012

A case study from Game Changers Pablo G. Molina Information technologies provide new ways of doing established activities, and they can create new opportunities to do things that we…

Leif Nelson

Interim Director of Learning Technology Solutions

Boise State University

Boise, Idaho


Leif Nelson
Pedagogy and Space: Empirical Research on New Learning Environments
December 15, 2011

Key Takeaways In the new technology-enhanced learning spaces at the University of Minnesota, students outperformed final grade expectations relative to their ACT scores. When…

Teaching and Learning with E-Readers: A Case Study at CLU
September 22, 2010

Key Takeaways California Lutheran University ran a two-semester pilot to explore how course use of e-readers affects student learning. When students use the e-reader's interactive …

Danny Lynch



Palatine, Illinois


Danny Lynch
A Long-Term View for Learning Spaces
March 20, 2009

© 2009 Joan K. Lippincott, Clare C. van den Blink, Martin Lewis, Crit Stuart, and Lauren Brady Oswald EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 44, no. 2 (March/April 2009): 10–11 A Long-Term Vie…

Assessment: The Key to Creating Spaces That Promote Learning
March 20, 2009

© 2009 Sawyer Hunley and Molly Schaller EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 44, no. 2 (March/April 2009): 26-35 Sawyer Hunley is coordinator of the School Psychology Program and a Learning Teachi…

Allan Parsons

Academic Liaison Librarian

University of Westminster

London, GA


Allan Parsons
E07 Podcast: Effective Pedagogical Strategies for Social Bookmarking
September 16, 2008

This forty-five minute podcast features a session from the EDUCAUSE 2007 Annual Conference entitled, " From Information Literacy to Scholarly Identity: Effective Pedagogical Strategies for…

ELI In Conversation: Web 2.0 Learning Tools- What are they? What is their role in higher education?
January 31, 2008

In this podcast we feature a conversation with Barbara Sawhill , Director of the Cooper International Learning Center at Oberlin College, and Jude Higdon , Instructional Technology Support …