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Synthesis of the ELI 2012 Online Spring Focus Session
May 9, 2012

Just four weeks ago the ELI 2012 Online Spring Focus Session on learning analytics finished. One of the presenters and participants, Christopher Brooks, BSc, MSc of ARIES Laboratory, Univer…

ELI May 31 Online Seminar: Making Web Accessibility Work
May 8, 2012

Making sure that all students, faculties, and staffs have access to web content is critical in education today. When those individuals have disabilities, access may well depend on what…

How USF Reform Might Affect Colleges and Universities: Some Early Appraisal
May 3, 2012

For many decades, telephone users served by commercial providers—including campuses—have paid surcharges on their interstate and international long-distance calls. The revenue collected by t…

Tune In April 26 -- Developing Social Media Guidance
April 19, 2012

This free hour-long session, “ Developing Social Media Guidance ,” will describe the social media guidance development process at the University of Pennsylvania including strategies, pitf…

EDUCAUSE Learning Analytics Talk
April 18, 2012

The ELI Spring Focus Session on learning analytics just finished up last week. Simon Buckingham Shum the final presenter blogged about his session. Below is an excerpt with a link to the full b…

New ELI 7 Things... Explores the Evolution of the Textbook
April 16, 2012

Tablet devices and the publishing they enable are leading us to reconsider what constitutes a textbook, and they certainly change the landscape of what it has traditionally meant to wr…

Four Proposed .edu Changes Open for Public Comment
April 6, 2012

EDUCAUSE manages the .edu domain name space to help maintain its integrity as the TLD for institutions of higher education. The four .edu policy change proposals, which are now open f…

Analytics that Inform the University
April 4, 2012

In just one week the ELI 2012 Online Spring Focus Session will begin. One of the presenters, Thomas B. Cavanagh, assistant vice president of distributed learning at the University of Centra…

ELI Online Spring Focus Session: View Program, Register Now
March 30, 2012

Program details are now available for the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) 2012 Online Spring Focus Session, " Learning Analytics ," April11 and 12. Join us for thi…

Rethinking Higher Education Business Models
March 29, 2012

Stemming from a January convening of CIOs, other higher education thought leaders, and business process experts co-hosted by the Center for American Progress (CAP) and EDUCAUSE, the organiza…