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Block That Spam
January 1, 2005

"Like cockroaches, spam may be impossible to defeat completely. But colleges recently won an important tool in their quest to limit spam's intrusions into campus e-mail boxes. A federal a…

An Analysis of the New Marketscore Proxy
January 1, 2005

Marketscore (, a subsidiary of the marketing firm ComScore, has made software available to Internet users which is advertised as a tool to help the user influence the Int…

Emerging Cybersecurity Issues Threaten Federal Information Systems
January 1, 2005

Federal agencies are facing a set of emerging cybersecurity threats that are the result of increasingly sophisticated methods of attack and the blending of once distinct types of attack into more c…

Microsoft Pushes Spam-filtering Technology
January 1, 2005

If your e-mail does not have a Sender ID, Microsoft wants to junk your message. If your e-mail does not have a Sender ID, Microsoft wants to junk your …

Industry Group Sets Out to Make VoIP Secure
January 1, 2005

Potential dangers the group intends to focus on include DDoS attacks, voice spam and phishing. Potential dangers the group intends to focus on include …

University Offers Spam and Spyware Writing Course
January 1, 2005

he University of Calgary, which gained attention in 2003 when it began offering a course on writing viruses, has now introduced a course devoted to writing spyware and spam. Although the virus-writ…

Texas Aims to Snag Spammers
January 1, 2005

The attorney general of Texas has filed a civil lawsuit against two individuals believed to be responsible for millions of illegal e-mail solicitations. Ryan Samuel Pitylak, a student at the Univer…

Feds Can X-Rated Spam
January 1, 2005

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has won an injunction against six companies accused of sending thousands of spam messages that failed to meet the requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act. According to t…

CAN-SPAM Law Seen as Ineffective
January 1, 2004

"Most vendors of antispam products have charted an increase in the amount of spam since the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act, or CAN-SPAM, went into effec…

Fighting Spam at AOL: Lessons Learned and Issues Raised
January 1, 2004

Spam is a major problem on and off campus. This presentation will address the size and nature of the spam problem and will describe several current and proposed solutions. AOL uses a variety of t…