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Identity Management in Higher Education, 2011 - Slide Presentation
June 1, 2011

This slide presentation illuminates findings from the ECAR 2011 research of identity management (IdM) practices in higher education . This slide deck can be adapted for presentations within …

Who Should Get In?
June 1, 2011

Back to ECAR 2011 Identity Management Research Hub This chart reflects findings from the ECAR 2011 research of identity management (…

Federating The University of North Carolina: Origins and Benefits
June 1, 2011

This ECAR case study of the University of North Carolina Identity Federation explores the benefits and impacts of federated identity on the university and its 17 constituent institutions . Fe…

From Homegrown to the Cloud: Identity Management Evolution at Coppin State University
June 1, 2011

This ECAR case study offers an introductory, not highly technical, look at a SaaS identity management (IdM) solution in higher education . It traces Coppin State University’s evolution fr…

Facing Education’s Mounting Challenges with Collaboration and IT
April 12, 2011

This ECAR research bulletin offers higher education executives and their IT leaders reasons and recipes for joining together to decrease the lag time from technological to organizational innovat…

EDU11: ECAR Student and IT Study
November 4, 2011

The ECAR Study of Student Technology, 2011 surveyed a nationally representative sample of 3,000 undergraduates . The findings offer insights into which technologies students use m…

Does Higher Education Need a New Ethical Framework for the Internet?
March 22, 2011

This ECAR research bulletin is designed to help decision makers in higher education assess the applicability of four significant historical codes of ethics as they evaluate their current polic…

EDUCAUSE Member Update and Input Session, March 11, 2011
March 11, 2011

This is an archive of President Oblinger's March 11th, 2011 Member Update online discussion of the following EDUCAUSE activities; Plans for the EDUCAUSE 2011 Annual Conference …

EDUCAUSE Data, Research, and Analytics at EDUCAUSE 2011
October 6, 2011

  With the increasing pressures for accountability, efficiency, and continuous improvement in higher education, our need for data and analytics will continue to grow. To help meet this incr…

ECAR Releases Report on IT Leadership
October 3, 2011

ECAR has just released The Higher Education CIO: Portrait of Today, Landscape of Tomorrow, 2011 Report . The report examines the CIO role—past, present, and emergent. …