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Mounting Peer-to-Peer Pressure for Comcast
November 19, 2007

"Comcast's traffic-filtering efforts are the subject of FCC complaints and a lawsuit. At issue: ISPs right to control the flow of data over their networks" …

Ma Bell, The Web's New Gatekeeper
November 12, 2007

"About a month ago, Google caused barely a ripple when it unveiled technology to filter out copyright violations on its YouTube video Web site. After all, YouTube had been under constant fir…

Group Puts Broadband Providers on Net Neutrality Watch
November 9, 2007

The Net Neutrality Squad will keep an eye out for ISPs that interfere with the free flow of Internet traffic. The Net Neutrality Squad will keep …

Verizon Overrides Internet Searches With Its Own Results
November 5, 2007

"Subscribers to Verizon's high-powered fiber-optic Internet service (FiOS) are reporting that when they mistype a Web site address, they get redirected to Verizon's own search engi…

Comcast Blockage of BitTorrent 101
October 23, 2007

"According to an Oct. 19 article by the Associated Press, Comcast has been actively degrading and blocking BitTorrent traffic, amounting to "the most drastic example yet of data discri…

Comcast Blocks Some Internet Traffic
October 19, 2007

Comcast has been blocking the sharing of certain files on their users network as a means of managing its network to keep file-sharing traffic from swallowing too much bandwidth and affecting the…

The Internet at Risk: The Need for Higher Education Advocacy
October 19, 2007

© 2007 James X. Dempsey. The text of this article is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 license ( ). EDUCAUSE…

Push for ‘net neutrality' stalls
September 14, 2007

Though legislation is unlikely this year, education groups say they haven't given up the fight to keep network owners from prioritizing web traffic according to payment. …

Ten Things That Finally Killed Net Neutrality
September 10, 2007

The author give a good overview of the current Net Neutrality forecast. The author give a good overview of the current Net Neutrality forecast. …

Lawmaker Proposes Piracy Warning
August 28, 2007

"A leading lawmaker will propose federal legislation requiring telcos and cable operators to send Internet subscribers a warning letter if they access pirated content. " …