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Probing End-User IT Security Practices—Through Homework
January 1, 2004

Good Ideas Probing End-User IT Security Practices—Through Homework Student exploration of individual security practices yields instructive insights for campus IT environments By Sean…

Campus and National Approaches to Improving Cyber Security Awareness
October 6, 2004

The solutions necessary to improve cyber security require a combination of approaches that involve people, processes, and technology. Consequently, a key ingredient to any cyber security strategy…

National Cyber Security Awareness Month: Protecting your home, school and small business files from constant virus threats
January 1, 2004

This is the statement of John (Jack) Suess, CIO, UMBC, and Cochair of the EDUCAUSE/Internet2 Computer and Network Security Task Force. It was A National Press Club presentation by The Natonal Cyber…

Stay Safe Online
January 1, 2004

This web site is provided as a public service by the National Cyber Security Alliance. This web site is designed to give you the information needed to secure your home or small business computer. …

IT Security Investments: Paths to Success
January 1, 2004

The first step is getting campus stakeholders to understand why security is important. The next step is to translate awareness into an institutional strategy. By what process do you acquire the nec…

Information Security: A Difficult Balance
January 1, 2004

© 2004 Linwood H. Rose EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 39, no. 5 (September/October 2004): 10–11. Linwood H. Rose Protecting the critical infrastructure of our country is essential to…

Toward A Virus-Free Campus
January 1, 2004

Good Ideas Toward A Virus-Free Campus Temple University’s IT staff created a campus-wide culture of awareness to mitigate security threats By Ariel Silverstone The latest prolif…

University of North Texas IST Security Awareness
December 23, 2009

This site includes Information Security Handbook and Training Guides and Policies, Standards and Laws. This site includes Information Security Ha…

TAMU Information Security Awareness Example Training Modules for Students, Staff, and Faculty
January 22, 2010

The State of Texas establishes standards for institutions of higher education, and mandates ongoing information security awareness training for all network users. To facilitate compliance with th…

New York University Security Documentation & Training
January 9, 2009

NYU's Computer & Network Security Awareness information, includes documents on security tips and spam. NYU's Computer & Network…