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Export Control Laws: Analysis for the IT Manager
January 1, 2005

Through the use of a hypothetical international research collaboration between a U.S. university and various foreign universities and governments, a means for analyzing the applicable export cont…

Distance Education Programming Barriers in Career and Technical Teacher Education in Ohio
January 1, 2004

The use of distance education at postsecondary levels continues to grow, including utilization in career and technical teacher education. Despite distance education's "learn anytime, anyw…

University-Industry Partnerships with High Potential for Impact
January 1, 2003

This article discuses the ramifications of the changing relationship between industry and higher education and explores the resultant opportunities and challanges facing campus leaders today. It al…

EDUCAUSE Now - Show #4 – Cybersecurity, Cyberinfrastucture, Fear 2.0
June 12, 2008

EDUCAUSE Now is a monthly podcast, focusing on the intelligent use of information technology in higher education. Each episode features a variety of stories, interviews, and views that relate to …

The Economic Development Case for Investment in Higher Education Information Technology
June 10, 2003

With the Indiana Pervasive Computing Research Initiative as a case study, this research bulletin explores how investments in higher education information technology research can drive community a…

Academic Data Research Services Alliance: Bridging the Gap Between Data and Discovery
January 1, 2002

Numeric and spatial data are made available to users by various units in universities today. Improving access and utilization of data requires creation of shared standards and policies and the buil…

Surveys Support IT Decision Making in Higher Education
May 28, 2002

This Research Bulletin discusses the strategic use of surveys and the techniques of data gathering, display, and analysis to provide information that institutions can use in effective decision ma…

The Analytical Data Warehouse: Empowering Institutional Decision Makers
January 1, 2001

Giving users the ability to generate their own reports and analyze data revolutionized institutional research at The University of Memphis. Giving user…

Information Architecture--Bringing the University's Information Inventory Under Control
January 1, 1997

The University of Arizona recognizes data as an asset. This paper covers the University's early efforts to organize institutional data and the subsequent events that led to the present work o…

Information Architecture: The Data Warehouse Foundation
January 1, 1997

Colleges and universities are initiating data warehouse projects in order to provide integrated administrative information for planning and reporting purposes, but few institutions are also underta…