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Google's Moon Shot
January 1, 2007

The author gives a good detailed overview of the Google Library Project. The author gives a good detailed overview of the Google Library Project. …

The Online Library Catalog: Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained?
January 1, 2007

This think piece tells why the online library catalog fell from grace and why new directions pertaining to cataloging simplification and primary sources will not attract people back to the online c…

The Semantic Web and the Online Educational Experience
January 1, 2006

"Sir Tim Berners-Lee has spent the last several years trying to improve our ability to search the Internet and find the information we need through an ongoing initiative called the Semantic We…

Google Wins Patent for Search Results Page Design
January 1, 2006

"The design of Google's search results page earned U.S. patent protection this week, bringing the total number of patents held by the search giant to some three dozen." …

Disciplining Search/Searching Disciplines: Perspectives from Academic Communities on Metasearch Quality Indicators
January 1, 2006

"Quality Metrics" is an IMLS–funded research project which aims to address longstanding deficits in the formal conceptual support for and development of scholarly digital libraries…

Students Don't Know Much Beyond Google
January 1, 2006

"Of 10,000 high school and college students asked to evaluate a set of Web sites last fall, nearly half could not correctly judge which was the most objective, reliable and timely, according t…

Search Alternatives and Beyond
January 1, 2006

Current Issues Search Alternatives and Beyond Despite satisfaction with their methods and results, a majority of searchers don’t really know what they’re doing—but they have alternati…

Metasearch Authentication and Access Management
January 1, 2006

"Metasearch – also called parallel search, federated search, broadcast search, and cross-database search – has become commonplace in the information community's vocabulary. …

KWIC and Dirty? Human Cognition and the Claims of Full-Text Searching
January 1, 2006

Over the last several years, full-text searching of large text corpora has placed an extraordinarily powerful tool in the hands of humanities students and scholars. Use of these corpora is now ente…

Finding Information on the Free World Wide Web: A Speciality Meta-search Engine for the Academic Community
January 1, 2005

The Web is continuing to grow rapidly and search engine technologies are evolving fast. Despite these developments, some problems still remain, mainly, difficulties in finding relevant, dependable …