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Tune June 8 -- Vendor Statements of Work: Your Role as an IT Professional
June 1, 2011

In this free hour-long session, “ Vendor Statements of Work: Your Role as an IT Professional ,” hear how CIOs and other IT professionals contribute to vendor-supplied and/or outsourced wor…

Tune In May 26 -- Spotlight on Mobile Computing: Going Mobile at Stanford
May 19, 2011

Who is driving the influx of new technologies? How does this create a “mobile mind-set”? How is Stanford answering these questions? How can you galvanize your campus to go mobile? Tim…

Tune In May 18: Alphabet Soup: A P2P, DMCA, and HEOA FAQ
May 11, 2011

Three speakers with hard-won experience will provide practical advice on dealing with copyright infringement on campus networks in this free hour-long webinar, “ Alphabet Soup: A P2P, DMCA…

Tune In May 3: The Horizon Report in Action—Emerging Technologies Today and Tomorrow
April 26, 2011

Join Malcolm Brown and Veronica Diaz of the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative as they review the Horizon Report and examine how the findings can be applied at your institution. During this free …

Tune In April 21: Privacy Attacks and Defenses
April 14, 2011

Our online privacy seems to be under assault from all sides: by commercial organizations, by the government, by search engines and ISPs, and even by our cell phones—not to mention by crimi…

Tune In April 12: Moving Faculty and Staff to Google Apps at Boise State
April 5, 2011

This free hour long session, Moving Faculty and Staff to Google Apps , features a report from Boise State University on their decision to deploy Google Apps for Education. Those unable to a…

Tune In April 7 -- Lawful Access: Issues and Challenges for Universities
March 31, 2011

Colleges and universities are confronted by a variety of information requests from law enforcement and private parties. This free hour long EDUCAUSE Live! web seminar, “ Lawful Access:…

Tune In March 21: Diana Oblinger & John Seely Brown on "A New Culture of Learning"
March 10, 2011

Join guest host EDUCAUSE President Diana Oblinger and special guest John Seely Brown as they discuss how the vision presented in Brown's new book A New Culture of Learning is likely …

Tune In March 9: Migration to IPv6—Has Tomorrow Finally Arrived?
March 2, 2011

With the allocation of the last block of IPv4 addresses, the time to migrate to IPv6 may have arrived at last. In this free hour-long session, “ Migration to IPv6—Has Tomorrow Final…

Tune In March 2: The Future of Reputation -- Gossip, Rumor, and Privacy on the Internet
February 23, 2011

The enormous reach of social media threatens to disrupt the balance between free speech and privacy. How should the law protect people when harmful gossip and rumors are spread about them on the …