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A Race to the Bottom: Privacy Ranking of Internet Service Companies
June 6, 2007

This report has been prepared by Privacy International following a six-month investigation into the privacy practices of key Internet based companies. The ranking lists the best and the worst per…

Deep packet inspection meets 'Net neutrality, CALEA
July 25, 2007

"Imagine a device that sits inline in a major ISP's network and can throttle P2P traffic at differing levels depending on the time of day. Imagine a device that allows one user access o…

CALEA: It doesn't apply to universities and libraries after all
May 17, 2007

"Back in 2005-2006, when CALEA (the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act) was being expanded to cover broadband providers and VoIP companies, libraries and universities raised a…

Philadelphia Wi-Fi project advances
January 1, 2007

"Philadelphia has finished testing its wireless Internet project, setting the stage for America's biggest citywide Wi-Fi network that will also offer access to low-income households."…

EDUCAUSE signs on to 700 MHz Comments to the FCC
January 1, 2007

As part of the Ad Hoc Public Interest Spectrum Coalition, EDUCAUSE signed on to comments submitted to the FCC regarding the auction rules for the 700 MHz spectrum. This valuable spectrum is expecte…

New Life for Network Neutrality
January 1, 2007

© 2007 Mark Luker EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 42, no. 3 (May/June 2007): 88 Mark Luker, Vice President of EDUCAUSE, heads the Policy Office in Washington, D.C. Comments on this …

Internet 3.0: Identifying Problems and Solutions to the Network Neutrality Debate
January 1, 2006

This paper will examine the network neutrality debate with an eye toward refuting and dismissing the many false and misleading claims and concentrating on the real problems occasioned by the Intern…

GOP Revives ISP-tracking Legislation
January 1, 2007

"All Internet service providers would need to track their customers' online activities to aid police in future investigations under legislation introduced Tuesday as part of a Republican …

StateNets Services Survey
January 1, 2006

State education networks provide a broad array of services for the K-20, library, government and non-profit communities. This initial survey from the StateNets Marketing and Communications Focus Gr…

FCC Chairman Talks Around Net Neutrality
January 1, 2007

"U.S. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin waffled on the hotly debated issue of net neutrality, saying it "means different things to different people" during hi…