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Podcast: edX: A Breakthrough in Online Learning
November 24, 2012

Speaker: Anne Margulies, Chief Information Officer, Harvard University Harvard and MIT joined forces to launch edX, an open online platform aimed at improving teaching through research and…

Podcast: When Learning Analytics Meet Big Data: The PAR Framework
November 24, 2012

Speakers: Pearl Imada Iboshi, Director, Institutional Research and Analysis Office, University of Hawaii System Office Mike Sharkey, Director of Academic Analytics, University of Ph…

Podcast: The Digital Preservation Network
November 24, 2012

Speaker: James L. Hilton, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, University of Virginia This session will address the progress occurring in launching the Digital Preservation Networ…

Podcast: The "New Normal" and the Need for Adaptation in Higher Education
November 24, 2012

Speaker: Kimberly Tuby, Vice President/Senior Credit Officer, Moody's The "New Normal" and the Need for Adaptation in Higher Education This session will focus on some of the new…

Podcast: Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Student Success
November 24, 2012

Speaker: Tristan Denley, Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, Austin Peay State University As provost of a regional university, Tristan Denley has pioneered a wide vari…

Podcast: Disrupting College
November 24, 2012

Speaker: Michael B. Horn, Education Executive Director, Innosight Institute In his remarks, Michael Horn will discuss how disruptive innovations—known more broadly as online learning—a…

Podcast: Blueprint for Change in an Era of Rapid Reinvention
November 24, 2012

Speakers: Christine Flanagan, Student Experience Lab Director, Business Innovation Factory Elliot Masie, CEO, MASIE Center   Nations face an educational imperati…

Podcast: Student Success at Scale: What Have We Learned from Applying Technology to Persistent Challenges?
November 24, 2012

  Speaker: Josh Jarrett, Deputy Director, Education, Postsecondary Success,Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Multiple efforts are under way to leverage technology to improve student su…

Aerohive Networks
November 7, 2012

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November 7, 2012

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