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How today’s college students use Wikipedia for course-related research
March 16, 2010

Findings are reported from student focus groups and a large–scale survey about how and why students (enrolled at six different U.S. colleges) use Wikipedia during the course–rel…

Information Literacy: A Neglected Core Competency
March 3, 2010

Key Takeaways College students think of information seeking as a rote process and tend to use the same small set of information resources no matter their question. Information literacy …

Plagiarism Prevention Without Fear
January 26, 2010

Could student plagiarism actually be reduced? And could it be reduced not through fear of being caught, but through ... education? The evidence in a study released recently suggests that t…

Search engine use behavior of students and faculty: User perceptions and implications for future research
December 17, 2009

This paper examines the use of Web search engines by faculty and students to support learning, teaching, and research. We explore the academic tasks supported by search engine use to investigate …

How College Students Seek Information in the Digital Age
December 2, 2009

A report of findings from 2,318 respondents to a survey carried out among college students on six campuses distributed across the U.S. in the spring of 2009, as part of Project Information Litera…

Pete Coco

Digital Learning Strategist

Wheaton College

Norton, Massachusetts


Pete Coco
Digitally Literate Storytellers
September 16, 2009

For the student researcher, digital literacy is about navigation, assessment, citation, and incorporation of credible digital information from ever-expanding resources. But digital literacy exten…

Returning the Researcher to the Library: Understanding the Next-Gen User
June 4, 2009

Users’ expectations of information search changed dramatically in the wake of Google and continue to evolve. Some studies point to a slow, but steady disintermediation of the library from …

What Today’s College Students Say about Conducting Research in the Digital Age
February 11, 2009

A report of preliminary findings and analysis from student discussion groups held on 7 U.S. campuses in Fall 2008, as part of Project Information Literacy. Qualitative data from discussions with …

New Models for Faculty/Librarian Collaboration: Information and Digital Media Literacy Programs
March 12, 2013 | A session at the NERCOMP Annual Conference

Bucks County Community College and Stonehill College leveraged partnerships among faculty and staff to improve students' information literacy and digital media literacy skills. Representativ…