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Information Literacy and IT Fluency
May 28, 2009

© 2009 Sandy Schaeffer, Michael Fry, Barbara Draude, and Gail Matthews-DeNatale. The text of this article is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Lice…

EDUCAUSE Review Magazine, Volume 44, Number 3, May/June 2009
May 28, 2009

Why IT Matters to Higher Education   features Apprehending the Future: Emerging Technologies, from Science Fiction to Campus Reality Bryan Alexander Deciding which tec…

Developing 21st-Century Literacies Among Students and Faculty
June 22, 2009

A Solutions in Action Webcast - View the session archive . We are living in an Information Age that brings exciting developments in the acquisition and sharing of knowledge and has transfor…

Student-Generated Content for Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and YouTube: Leveraging Institutional and Third-Party Efficiencies for New
April 6, 2009

With the economic downturn and tightening budgets, the stakes in the build versus buy decision for educational technology have never seemed as high. As instructors start to engage more deeply in …

It’s Culture, Not Morality
February 3, 2009

What if academics have been fighting the wrong war against plagiarism? What if it’s not even a war? In new book, anthropologist doesn’t argue for you to drop standards, but she chal…

ELI In Conversation: Evaluation and Assessment in Technology-Enhanced Learning
September 2, 2009

This podcast features a discussion recorded at the ELI 2009 Annual Conference. The roundtable conversation concerns assessment of student learning in the digital age. What does assessment look li…

The Effectiveness of a Web-based Board Game for Teaching Undergraduate Students Information Literacy Concepts and Skills
October 3, 2008

To teach incoming undergraduate students information literacy skills, a research team at the University of Michigan School of Information developed the Defense of Hidgeon , a web-based board g…

Picture-Perfect Generation: Visually Stimulated or Visually Literate?
September 15, 2008

Today’s youth are visually stimulated, but hardly literate, in engaging in a vocabulary of design and the language of images. To educate and engage this new breed of learners, institutions…

Students, Technology, and Learning: Strategies for Success—Proceedings
July 29, 2008

Cosponsored by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), EDUCAUSE, and the University of Central Florida (UCF), the Students, Technology and Learning: Strategies for Su…

EDUCAUSE Now - Show #15 - CIOs and the Economy: Challenges and Opportunities for Higher Ed IT - ELI 2009 Discussion: 21st Century Digital Literacy
May 14, 2009

EDUCAUSE Now is a monthly podcast, focusing on the intelligent use of information technology in higher education.  Join hosts Gerry Bayne and Colleen Luckett for this episode that presents…