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A Model for Effective Training of Online Faculty
January 1, 2004

A unique credentialing program for online faculty was designed to be consistent with the CQI Plan of Schoolcraft College. This intensive 12-session program is broken into three modules: Usability, …

The TA Web Certification Program
January 1, 2003

Training in instructional technology gives teaching assistants skills to enhance student learning. Training in instructional technology gives teaching …

Training Mainstream Faculty to Use Course Management Systems
January 1, 2003

Three universities with high faculty participation in using course management systems will present strategies for meeting the challenges of training mainstream faculty. These strategies are all tim…

A Department-Focused Plan for Faculty Technology Professional Development
January 1, 2002

One university's plan is returning control of instructional technology training to the academic departments. One university's plan is returni…

IT Support Community Training Model
January 1, 2002

The Information Technology Services department at the University of Colorado at Boulder recently implemented a four-tiered support model. The training needs of these four tiers are various as each …

Trainees Expand your Workforce
January 1, 1999

Presentation by Judy Caruso, UW-Madison for CUMREC 1999. This presentation describes 3 trainee programs at UW-Madison: (1) Programming -- Mainframe/Cobol, SAS; (2) Programming -- Access, Oracle, Or…

Changing the Education and Training Paradigm
January 1, 1995

Distance learning and the Air Force. Distance learning and the Air Force. Januar…

Providing and Managing Technology Training
January 1, 2002

A new CIO/VP of Information Services at the University of Akron had a vision of increased distributed learning, wireless access to the network, ubiquitous laptop computing, and a six-month implemen…

Transforming Training Through Collaboration
January 1, 2002

Through collaboration, Boston-area schools successfully address their shared information training challenges. Through collaboration, Boston-area school…

Creative Strategies for Meeting the Needs of the Lifelong IT Professional
January 1, 2002

In the face of budget constraints in today's workplace, creative thinking helps identify new solutions to the training needs of IT professionals. …