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Collection Disaster Response Procedures
August 23, 2005

This is the Collection Disaster Response Procedures for the University of Hawaii's Library preservation department. This is the Collection D…

High-Velocity Change: Creating Collaborative Learning Environments
July 19, 2005

This research bulletin describes how a group of individuals at the University of Kansas worked to design and implement a collaborative learning environment for students, based on theoretical and …

Library as Place: Rethinking Roles, Rethinking Space
January 1, 2005

What is the role of a library when users can obtain information from any location? And what does this role change mean for the creation and design of library space? Six authors—an architect,…

Net Generation Students and Libraries
January 1, 2005

Reprinted by permission of the author, from Educating the Net Generation, ed. Diana G. Oblinger and James L. Oblinger (Boulder, Colo.: EDUCAUSE, 2005), available in electronic form on the …

Net Generation Students and Libraries
January 1, 2005

In this chapter from "Educating the Net Generation", Joan Lippincott of the Coalition of Networked Information challenges us to realign library programs, services, and spaces with the Net…

High Velocity Change through High Volume Collaboration
November 16, 2004

Presentation at the November 2004 ECAR Symposium. The University of Kansas presents the results of its project to integrate IT and library functions with the goal of focusing on student success. …

The Architecture of an Idea: The Information Commons and the Future of the Academic Library
October 21, 2004 | A session at the EDUCAUSE 2004 Annual Conference

In an effort to develop and market a vision for an information commons, librarians, web designers, and architects collaborated to design new scholarly spaces, both physical and virtual. In the proc…

Library Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan
August 27, 2004

This is the library disaster preparedness and recovery plan for the University of Virginia Library. This is the library disaster preparedness and…

Information Commons Issues & Trends: Voices from the Frontline
January 1, 2003

A panel at the ACRL conference discussed information commons. Accompanying documents include a brochure with bibliography. A panel at the ACRL conferen…

Locating an Information Commons
January 1, 2003

In 2002 the Dickinson College Library decided to create an Information Commons in its Waidner-Spahr Library. The question of location arose immediately. Most favored locating the facility at or …