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Enterprise Content-Aware DLP Solution Comparison and Select Vendor Profiles
May 14, 2013

This Gartner report covers content-aware data-loss prevention, which has grown up and is on the verge of becoming a standard part of security architecture. A small set of vendors dominate a major…

Containing the Security Threat of Mobile Apps in Higher Ed
May 6, 2013

Key Takeaways Security breaches and data loss become likelier as more students, faculty, and staff bring their own devices to campus. With a growing number of new offeri…

Stephen Swart

Solutions Architect

University of North Carolina Wilmington

Wilmington, North Carolina


Stephen Swart
Cloud Computing in Education
March 7, 2013

This video, produced by TeachPrivacy , discusses the benefits and risks of educational institutions using cloud computing providers. Advice is provided for how educational institutions should …

The Wild-Card Character of "Bring Your Own": A Panel Discussion
April 1, 2013

Panelists on the front lines of higher education information technology share their thoughts on BYOD and what it could mean for colleges and universities. By R. F. "Chip"…

Privacy and Security Initiatives and Recommendations from the U.S. Department of Education
February 26, 2013

Key Takeaways At EDUCAUSE 2012, U.S. Department of Education speakers discussed new privacy and security initiatives, as well as offering recommendations on navigating privacy ef…

Techniques for and Consequences of Packet Filtering, Interception, and Mangling
May 6, 2015 | A session at the Security Professionals Conference

Often in response to immediate threats of abuse and resource exhaustion, our networks have changed fundamentally. What has been the effect of these changes on protocols, network operations, appli…

The Power of Privacy and the Passion to Build Something Better
January 20, 2015 | A session at the EDUCAUSE LIVE! - The Power of Privacy and the Passion to Build Something Better

Privacy is a systems management and compliance issue, a unique and dynamic student and faculty requirement, and a topic of expanding innovative possibilities as an ever-present element in higher …

Deconstructing Silos: Building Partnerships between Information Security and Academic Research
April 22, 2015 | A session at the EDUCAUSE Connect: San Antonio

Competitive academic research increasingly requires that greater attention be paid to secure data management. Isolated data silos are easy targets for nefarious actors, increasing the risk of a c…

Writing a Data Management Plan
January 25, 2013

The University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries has created a useful page to assist in writing data management plans, which are now requried by funding agencies and are part of the grant applicat…