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Creating the IT Architecture for the Connected Age
August 1, 2013

Beyond MOOCs: Is IT Creating a New, Connected Age? A 3 Day Sprint - August 1st, 2013   The last day of the EDUCAUSE Sprint 2013 features Tracy Futhey, vice president for informatio…

Cutting the Cord: Wireless Networking Made Hard
January 1, 2003

In deploying wireless on a large campus, concerns about security, usability, support, and integration with the curriculum emerge. This presentation offers a road map around the technical, procedura…

Cutting the Wire: A Partnership to Develop a Secure, Completely Wireless Campus
January 1, 2003

With decreasing funding, a higher education and corporate partnership can result in a win-win situation for all parties involved. The establishment, benefits, and outcomes of a sound collaboration …

Delegated Guest Access to Secure Networks
October 19, 2005 | A session at the EDUCAUSE 2005 Annual Conference

Security on advanced wired and wireless networks is a concern for all institutions. Intruders can cause serious operational, legal, and productivity problems. Requiring user authorization can impro…

Deployment of Advanced Wireless Networking
January 1, 2001

This presentation discusses the Federal Communications Commission, the issue of convergence, and the search for 3G spectrum. This presentation discusse…

Desktop Computing Management: Do We Need to Be Thinner?
January 1, 2000

Who needs a new, fully loaded PC when Citrix Metaframe software on a terminal server lets any old PC emulate a hot new one? WebTV, e-mail stations, wireless PDAs, and "Palm-enabled" Websi…

Developing an Enterprise Wireless/Palm Computing Strategy
January 1, 2001

How will the onslaught of handheld computers and wireless devices impact our existing organizations? This presentation will discuss how to develop a strategy regarding handheld and wireless devices…

Different Strokes for Similar Folks: ERP, Wireless
March 13, 2006 | A session at the EDUCAUSE Midwest Regional Conference 2006

From nearly identical legacy systems, Fort Hays State University (FHSU) and Wichita State University have taken very different and successful paths to providing new ERPs. Pittsburg State University…

Distributed Antenna Systems
November 1, 2007

Move to distributed antenna systems and give your campus a unified system for public safety wireless, cellular, and WiFi coverage. Move to distri…

Do We Need Discreet Computing in Instruction?
January 1, 2007

© 2007 William O. Plymale EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 42, no. 3 (May/June 2007): 84–85 William O. Plymale is Director of Research, Development, and Systems in Virginia Tech�…