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Anatomy of Aggregate Collections: The Example of Google Print for Libraries
January 1, 2005

"This article offers some perspectives on GPLP in light of what is known about library print book collections in general, and those of the Google 5 in particular, from information in OCLC'…

Courts Unlikely To Stop Google Book Copying
January 1, 2005

"Despite objections from publishers and writers, copyright law appears to be on Google's side, legal experts say. The social value of Google's initiative to digitize library books, i…

The Google Print Library Project: A Copyright Analysis
January 1, 2005

The author discusses how Google Print Library Project will make it easier than ever before for users to locate the wealth of information buried in books. He concludes that by limiting the search re…

Scholarly Web Searching: Google Scholar and Scirus
January 1, 2005

"Google introduced a brand-new concept with Google Scholar []—specialized search aimed at finding scholarly information on the Web. With an initial focus on res…

Multimedia Search Sorts Messy Web
January 1, 2005

Finding video and audio on the net is getting easier as more companies look to automated ways of delivering specific content to people's computers. …

In Canada: Cache a Page, Go To Jail?
January 1, 2005

"A bill before Canada's Parliament could make it illegal for search engines to cache Web pages, critics say, opening the door to unwarranted lawsuits and potentially hindering public acce…

Privacy Issues with Google Library Search
January 1, 2005

A contract between Google and the University of Michigan contains no provisions for protecting the privacy of people who will eventually be able to search the school's vast library collection …

Google’s Library Digitization Project: Reports from Michigan and Oxford
January 1, 2005

Late last year, Google announced agreements with five major libraries (Harvard, the University of Michigan, the New York Public Library, Oxford University, and Stanford University) to embark on a…

Forging an Anti-terrorism Search Tool
January 1, 2005

Researchers at the University of Buffalo (UB) are developing browser technology that endeavors to identify hidden connections in vast collections of documents. Rather than simply looking for matche…

Looking for Pearls
January 1, 2005

"It can be hard to find all the relevant material online when there is so much available. The OAIster project of the University of Michigan provides a solution by harvesting the information th…