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An Interview with Patrick Dreher
October 19, 2006

In this 18 minute recording, Bill Hogue sits down with MIT's Patrick Dreher for a discussion about research computing, cyberinfrastructure, and open content. See also: …

An Interview with MIT's Phil Long
October 17, 2006

The attached MP3 provides continuing coverage of a series of interviews conducted at the 2006 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference. Listen as Marilu Goodyear hosts a 30 minute interview with Phil Lon…

An Interview with Georgetown's Marjory Blumenthal
April 27, 2006

In this 17 minute recording, we'll hear from Marjory Blumenthal , Associate Provost responsible for Academic Affairs at Georgetown.  We'll talk about her work with with the Pew Int…

EDUCAUSE Research Findings: CIOs, Undergraduates, Mobile Devices, IT OrganizationsÂ…and More
January 12, 2012 | A session at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference 2012

Do you want to know the latest in what higher education IT organizations are doing with mobile-enabled applications, outsourcing, and teaching and learning technologies? How about what's happe…

Lightning Round - EDUCAUSE Community Updates: Research, Learning Initiative, Policy, HEISC
October 21, 2011 | A session at the EDUCAUSE 2011 Online Annual Conference

Susan Grajek - EDUCAUSE Research: In early 2011, EDUCAUSEconsolidated its research and data efforts into a single area: EDUCAUSE Data, Research, and Analytics. Learn about improvements in ECAR rese…

Pam Arroway

Director of Analytics Infrastructure


Louisville, Colorado


Pam Arroway
Safeguarding the Tower: IT Security in Higher Education 2006 - Key Findings & Road Map
October 18, 2006

The key findings and roadmap for ECAR's new research study, Safeguarding the Tower: IT Security in Higher Education 2006 , are now publicly available. This study not only assesses t…

ECAR Research Study on HIPAA Training Now Publicly Available
January 31, 2006

" Leveraging IT Infrastructure for HIPAA Training ", an ECAR Research Study originally published July 6, 2004, is now publicly available. …