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SAP Public Services - University of Kentucky: Transforming the Modern Research University
January 1, 2004

To enhance services to students and employees, improve operations, and better manage the business of today's research university, the University of Kentucky chose a flexible, integrated ERP so…

Enterprise Software Projects: The Veterans' View
January 1, 1999

In recent years, many colleges and universities have undertaken large-scale software initiatives. Along the way to wrestling successes from all the alligators in the swamps of implementation, most …

Turning Information into Action: Rethinking Enterprise Reporting
January 1, 2004

University reporting personnel are increasingly called to serve as active partners in service delivery and strategic planning. Columbia has effected this transition through significant investments …

Podcast: Community Source Software: The Beginning of the End, or the End of the Beginning?
June 5, 2008

This hour and seventeen minute podcast features a panel discussion from the EDUCAUSE 2008 Enterprise Conference in Chicago. This lively discussion, " Community Source Software: The Beginnin…

Sprinting Up the Learning Curve: An Approach to Rapid Implementation
January 1, 2003

Florida State University (FSU) adopted a rapid approach to software configuration through the transfer of knowledge from BearingPoint consultants to FSU's project team. Come learn how FSU is i…

Enterprise-Wide Information Systems: Future of ERPs
January 1, 2003

As budgets become more strained and potential consolidation of vendors threatens even more expense, how should institutions using ERP systems approach their strategy in this area? If your instituti…

CampusEAI: MyCase, A Community-Source Portal Strategy
January 1, 2003

Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) needed to cost-effectively integrate its enterprise applications and databases in real time to provide better teaching, learning, and research services. After…

The House that GW Built
January 1, 2003

Find out how The George Washington University developed an in-house solution for housing thousands of students in a matter of hours. By developing an application that worked with our enterprise sys…

The Promise and Performance of Enterprise Systems for Higher Education
January 1, 2003

In March 2001, the EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young initiated the largest study of enterprise resource planning (ERP) in higher education yet undertaken.…

WebCT Vista: The Premier Academic Enterprise System (AES)
January 1, 2003

WebCT Vista is higher education's premier academic enterprise system, empowering institutions with an enterprise-class e-learning system that supports their existing structure, operations, and…