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Session: How to Use Social Networking as a Retention Tool in Your Campus Portal
February 2, 2010

As campuses become more "customer" oriented, it is critical that IT departments meet the needs of increasing Internet-savvy students to support campus-wide retention objectives. In this…

Session: The Merits of Lecture Capture Systems
February 2, 2010

Presenting over four years' worth of research evidence on the impact of lecture capture systems (LCSs), this session features data regarding both students and faculty usage and attitudes tow…

Session: Building, Renovating, and Maintaining Technology-Enabled Classrooms
December 22, 2009

How does an educational institution prioritize where to provide educational technology when there are over 320 classrooms located in some 50 buildings? When should that technology be refreshed? …

Session: What Happened to the Computer Lab?
December 22, 2009

Over 80 percent of respondents to the annual ECAR study of undergraduate students reported owning laptops; nevertheless, usage of expensive public computer labs remains high. Panelists from three…

Session: Virtual Desktops: 60 Percent Cheaper, but Are They Worth It?
December 22, 2009

Pepperdine University is conducting a 12-month study to assess the costs and feasibility of replacing desktop computers with virtual machines that allow multiple people to share a single PC. Resu…

Session: Managing a Student Help Desk on Donuts and Achieving Success
December 22, 2009

Cultivate an inexpensive methodology for recruiting, training, and coaching student employees. Develop an effective training program that will transition students into exceptional employees, impr…

EDUCAUSE Now - #22 - 1) The E-Textbook Conundrum 2) ELI Annual Meeting Preview 3) Policy Office Update
December 10, 2009

This month we talk about a looming problem with e-textbook costs and content, find out about the upcoming ELI Meeting, and check in with the EDUCAUSE Policy Office. EDUCAUSE Now is a monthly p…

Podcast: David J. Ernst on Outsourcing and the Cloud
December 3, 2009

David J. Ernst is Associate Vice President and CIO at the University of California. In this interview he talks about outsourcing and the impact it can have when combined with the potential of…

Podcast: Mary Pretz-Lawson on Starting and Maintaining a Project Management Office
December 3, 2009

Mary Pretz-Lawson is head of the Planning and Project Management Office at Carnegie Mellon University. In this interview, she shares some insights with Carol Hall about starting and maintaini…

Session: Looking Back, Looking Forward—Trying to Use 48 Years in Academic IT to Predict Our IT Future
November 25, 2009

A session from the EDUCAUSE 2009 Annual Conference, featuring George Strawn , CIO for the National Science Foundation. His session is entitled, " Looking Back, Looking Forward: Trying to…