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e-Literate: EduPatents
June 26, 2007

This blogger collects and posts aggregated content on education related patents. This blogger collects and posts aggregated content on education …

Treating Downloads Like Drug Deals
June 20, 2007

"The Justice Dept.'s proposal on digital copyright protection puts violators in the same league as terrorists and criminals. It's excessive" …

Sharing Ideas About Sharing Files
June 12, 2007

"In a recent Congressional hearing on efforts to combat illegal downloading, colleges are finding themselves in the middle of a high-tech “arms race” between the recording and movie indu…

Big Pirate on Campus
June 11, 2007

"Citing multiple instances of extensive illicit peer-to-peer file sharing by college students using their universities' computer networks, a Congressional committee has sent a survey to…

A Professor Pokes Fun at Copyright
January 1, 2007

A Bucknell University professor, Eric Faden, created a 10 minute film "A Fair(y) Use Tale" that uses Disney movie clips to explain current copyright law. …

Backers of Stronger Copyright Laws Form Lobby Group
January 1, 2007

"Some of the staunchest advocates for stricter copyright laws have formed a new alliance designed to pressure Congress into preserving stronger intellectual property rights." …

Congress Warns University Presidents on P2P File Sharing
January 1, 2007

"Congressional leaders have sent letters to 19 major university presidents warning them to step up efforts to curb illegal Internet file sharing or Congress 'will be forced to act'.&…

Gonzales proposes new crime: 'Attempted' copyright infringement
January 1, 2007

"Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is pressing the U.S. Congress to enact a sweeping intellectual-property bill that would increase criminal penalties for copyright infringement, including &qu…

Against Perpetual Copyright
January 1, 2007

This is a wikipedia entry dedicated to the discussion of the New York Times article "A Great Idea Lives Forever. Shouldn't Its Copyright?" which was published on May 20, 2007. …

Librarians as Change Agents: How You Can Help Influence Public Policy in the 110th Congress
January 1, 2007

The author discusses the leaders of the 110th congress and what library issues that may be see legislative light with this congress. The author discuss…