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Middleware Implementation Case Studies
January 1, 2001

Early Adopters, an Internet2 Middleware Initiative, is a group of 11 institutions of higher education working to provide a test bed for the deployment of middleware technologies. Early Adopter part…

Internet2 Progress Report: Middleware Experiments
January 1, 2001

This session will give a brief overview of Internet2 and then focus on describing the significant progress in Internet2 Middleware experiments, including an update on the Early Adopters program, an…

The Middleware Years of the Internet
January 1, 2000

Middleware, a second layer of global interconnectivity focusing on people and services, is being engineered and deployed on top of the physical connectivity of computers. …

Middleware: The Second Layer of IT Infrastructure
January 1, 1999

Middleware has emerged as a critical second layer of an enterprise IT infrastructure, sitting on top of the network level. The need for middleware stems from the increasing growth in the number of…

CNI Podcast: Future Cyberinfrastructure - An Interview with George B. Adams III
April 25, 2008

This podcast features an interview with George B. Adams III , Associate Director for Programs, Network for Computational Nanotechnology at Purdue University. Our interview was recorded at the …

Putting a New Spin on Web/Host Applications
January 1, 1997

How does an institution develop a WWW-to-business data access strategy that can support moving targets on both ends? This paper examines how Georgia State University, building on middleware strateg…

EDUCAUSE2006 Podcast: NSF Middleware Initiative
March 24, 2007

In this 42-minute recording from the 2006 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, we'll hear from Thomas Barton and Michael Gettes in a session entitled NSF Middleware Initiative: Managing Identity on…

An Interview with Douglas Van Houweling
October 19, 2006

The attached recording provides coverage of a 20 minute interview with Internet2 President and CEO, Douglas Van Houweling .  Listen in as he shares thoughts on cybersecurity, cyberinfrastruct…

An Interview with Joakim Nejdeby, CIO of Sweden's Linkopings Universitet.
November 11, 2005

In this recording from the 2005 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, we'll gather some thoughts from one of our international attendees, Joakim Nejdeby , CIO of Sweden's Linkopings Universite…

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