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This Magic Moment: Reflections on Cybersecurity
September 28, 2015

National Cyber Security Awareness Month (October) provides those engaged in cybersecurity a chance to discuss the importance of security safeguards. This article takes a look at the state of cybe…

Evaluating Drones for Higher Education
September 28, 2015

An informal team of motivated and enthusiastic people from the Communications and IT departments at Colgate University decided to explore the possible uses of drones in an educational …

Data-Intensive Science and Campus IT
September 28, 2015

Montana State University developed the Research Data Census to engage local research communities in dialogue about their data: size, sharing resources and behaviors, and interest in services. The…

Paper or Tablet Reading Recall and Comprehension
September 28, 2015

What effect do digital devices have on our digital brains? To uncover the influence on learning of using digital tablets for reading, the Coast Guard Leadership Development Center conducted an ex…

Wanted: Change-Driven Leaders to Reinvent Higher Education
September 28, 2015

When given the opportunity to develop innovative solutions to the most pressing problems facing higher education today, the sky's the limit. Four sample models illustrate solutions that can …

Benchmarking IT: A Global Approach
September 14, 2015

This article is an executive summary of the recent paper produced by the Coalition of Higher Education Information Technology Associations (CHEITA) Benchmarking Working Group.  …

Leveraging Analytics in Community Colleges
September 14, 2015

This literature review, list of definitions, and resources provide a guide for community college leaders evaluating analytics for their institutional technology to promote student success. In the…

Student Success: Everybody's Business, Especially IT
September 14, 2015

Improving student success requires seeing the whole system of undergraduate education in institutional data, and then working to integrate component parts to inform improvement. …

Tweeting in Higher Education: Best Practices
September 14, 2015

A survey of literature regarding Twitter use in the higher education classroom finds substantial support and good advice regarding its usefulness in pedagogy . Research found that …

Central IT Support: Closing the Instructional Gap
September 14, 2015

Determining how to align IT with an institution's instructional needs has become a high priority for CIOs, but where can they focus their attention to do the most good? Steps central IT can …