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Analytics Rising: IT's Role in Informing Higher Education Decisions
May 24, 2011

This ECAR research bulletin describes how CIOs and other IT leaders, through a focus on analytics, can work together with other institutional groups to provide clear and meaningful information…

Tune In November 15 -- The Power and Potential of Analytics in Higher Education
November 8, 2011

In this free hour-long session, “ The Power and Potential of Analytics in Higher Education ,” Diana Oblinger and Linda Baer will focus on the higher education ecosystem of analytics and t…

Facing Education’s Mounting Challenges with Collaboration and IT
April 12, 2011

This ECAR research bulletin offers higher education executives and their IT leaders reasons and recipes for joining together to decrease the lag time from technological to organizational innovat…

Turning the Tide Five Years of Achieving the Dream in Community Colleges
February 10, 2011

In 2004, Lumina Foundation for Education launched “Achieving the Dream: Community Colleges Count,” a national initiative aimed at improving success among community college students, p…

GPS: Shaping Student Success One Conversation at a Time
December 15, 2010

Key Takeaways Increasing instructor-student interactions and improving support personnel interventions with students positively affects their academic performance, retention, and graduation…

Effective Assessment in a Digital Age: A guide to technology-enhanced assessment and feedback
September 17, 2010

What contribution can technology make to ensuring that assessment and feedback processes are agile, streamlined and capable of promoting high-quality learning? "Effective Assessment in a Dig…

Teaching and Learning with E-Readers: A Case Study at CLU
September 22, 2010

Key Takeaways California Lutheran University ran a two-semester pilot to explore how course use of e-readers affects student learning. When students use the e-reader's interactive …

Value of Academic Libraries: A Comprehensive Research Review and Report
September 13, 2010

The ACRL publication Value of Academic Libraries: A Comprehensive Research Review and Report is a review of the quantitative and qualitative literature, methodologies and best practices curre…

Assessing What Faculty, Students, and Staff Expect from Information Technology Organizations in Higher Education
September 7, 2010

This ECAR research bulletin covers the TechQual+ approach to assessing what faculty, students, and staff expect from IT organizations in higher education. The theoretical approach to TechQual+ i…

ELI Releases New White Paper on Seeking Evidence of Impact
June 2, 2011

ELI has released a new white paper, Seeking Evidence of Impact: A Report on the ELI Focus Session , by Malcolm B. Brown and Veronica Diaz (EDUCAUSE). On April 13–14, 2011, the…