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'The World Is Open'
August 25, 2009

Author, Curtis J. Bonk, a professor of instructional systems technology at Indiana University, explains themes of new book about how technology and "open access" ideas are changing educ…

How Web-Savvy Edupunks Are Transforming American Higher Education
August 5, 2009

Author Anya Kamenetz, writes about how American higher education is transforming with free online courses, Wiki universities, and Facebook-style tutoring networks. …

David Wiley: Open Teaching Multiplies the Benefit but Not the Effort
July 15, 2009

The author discusses the benefits of open access to all aspects of the learning process when teaching. The author discusses the benefits of open …

Federal Research Public Access Act of 2009
June 29, 2009

An update and analysis of the Federal Research Public Access Act of 2009 from the Association of Research Libraries. An update and analysis of th…

U.S. Push for Free Online Courses
June 29, 2009

Administration may propose "open" classes and create "National Skills College" to coordinate offerings at high schools and community colleges. Other measures for 2-year instit…

Split Over Open Access
June 4, 2009

10 university press directors back requirements for free online versions of federally sponsored research -- even as presses' association fights to end such a requirement. …

Why Lakoff still matters: Framing the debate on copyright law and digital publishing
June 1, 2009

In 2004, linguist and cognitive scientist George Lakoff popularized the idea of using metaphors and “frames” to promote progressive political issues. Although his theories have since …

Where Is the Open Education Movement Going?
May 19, 2009

What does the concept of "open education" mean in 2009? Is it simply a matter of sharing learning content, or is a broader set of principles and practices called into question as well? …

Signs of epistemic disruption: Transformations in the knowledge system of the academic journal
May 4, 2009

This article is an overview of the current state of scholarly journals, not (just) as an activity to be described in terms of its changing processes, but more fundamentally as a pivot point in a …

Federal Resources Educational Excellence
April 2, 2009

FREE has more than 1,500 federally supported teaching and learning resources are included from dozens of federal agencies. New sites are added regularly. …