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Chapter 1: The Knowledge Economy: Challenges and Opportunities for American Higher Education
May 2, 2012

A chapter from Game Changers Paul E. Lingenfelter The late Peter Drucker apparently first used the phrase "the knowledge economy" in his 1969 book The Age of Discontinui…

May 2, 2012

From Game Changers Diana G. Oblinger This book is dedicated to education. We need more education, deeper education, more effective education, more access to education, and more affo…

May 2, 2012

From Game Changers Among the many strengths of higher education, the ones most frequently mentioned are the roles played by its mission that yield value to society and help create the futu…

Game Changers: Education and Information Technologies
May 2, 2012

How can we reach more learners, more effectively, and with greater impact? Education changes lives and societies, but can we sustain the current model? New models and new technologies a…

Rethinking Higher Education Business Models
March 28, 2012

Information technology has long been seen as a major key to meeting this challenge, but the results thus far have been disappointing. In this brief, the authors argue that the fault is not with …

IT-Based Transformation in Higher Education: Possibilities and Prospects
March 19, 2012

If information technologies are to transform higher education, we must exploit opportunities and address problems. At the same time, transformed higher education cannot neglect important dimensi…

Game Changers in Education: A New, Free E-Book
May 10, 2012

Announcing the release of Game Changers: Education and Information Technologies, edited by EDUCAUSE President and CEO Diana Oblinger. The chapters and case studies in thi…

Bringing Business Analytics to the College Campus:Using Fiscal Metrics to Steer Innovation in Postsecondary Educations
September 19, 2011

This Center for American Progress and Delta Project report provides an overview of how business analytics could be used to improve the return on investment in higher education instruction. …

New Business Models: $199/month tuition
March 29, 2012

Speaking of the potential for technology to facilitate disruptive change in higher education , the Chronicle of Higher Education reports that a new, for-profit online university, New …

Rethinking Higher Education Business Models
March 29, 2012

Stemming from a January convening of CIOs, other higher education thought leaders, and business process experts co-hosted by the Center for American Progress (CAP) and EDUCAUSE, the organiza…