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EDUCAUSE Southwest Regional Conference Think Stop #2
March 3, 2008

EDUCAUSE Southwest Regional Conference Think Stop #2 Question: How do we move from working in reactive mode and into proactive mode? Responses: Moving from reactive to proactive req…

MSCALES -- A Broadbanding Approach for Information Technology Professionals
January 1, 1996

This paper focuses the compensation component of a comprehensive and integrated organizational change solution. Its purpose is to change IT organizations from technology to customer focused. MSCA…

Restructuring the Information Technology Organization To Improve User Services and Return on Investment: Do Compromises Work?
January 1, 1995

In the last several years, Central Michigan University reached a level of technological growth, excitement, and frustration that forced significant changes in both the information technology infras…

Organizational and Technological Strategies for Higher Education in the Information Age
January 1, 1994

Professional Paper #13. The authors examine five key areas of change impacting higher education administration: funding sources, public expectations and state mandates, consumer expectations, evolv…

A Model For Change
January 1, 1993

This presentation will describe an IT provider's model for change. 1.) Initially the IT provider implements and operates new technology. As the technology is mastered and becomes stable in the…

People and Process: Managing the Human Side of Information Technology Application
January 1, 1991

Professional Paper #7. An examination of the management structures and approaches that can make the application of new technology successful. Focuses on research and writings of management and co…

2007 Enterprise Conference: The Changing Role of Enterprise Systems: From EDI to Internet Icons
June 14, 2007

The opening keynote address from the 2007 EDUCAUSE Enterprise Conference in Chicago, Illinois. This speech was given by Kenneth C. Green , Founding Director of the Campus Computing Project …

Leading Sustained, Desired Change
April 17, 2013 | A session at the Enterprise IT Leadership Conference 2013

Emerging trends in higher education require fundamental changes in our IT organizations. Without the right strategy and approach, attempts at organizational change could return unintended results t…

Changing the Culture of an IT Organization, Whirlwind Style
March 12, 2013 | A session at the NERCOMP Annual Conference

Yale's IT organization is in transformation mode. The journey, over the past 18 months has covered everything: a major reorganization; a top to bottom and side-to-side implementation of ITIL…

IT: Be the Change and Culture You Want "IT" to Be
March 18, 2013 | A session at the Midwest Regional Conference

This innovative, interactive, and dynamic presentation will provide you with a personalized behind-the-scenes-look of how an IT department was dramatically changed through a cultural shift. You w…