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Title 37 - Code of Federal Regulations Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights
January 1, 2007

The current Code of Federal Regulations Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights maintained by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The current Co…

Changes To Support Implementation of the United States Patent and Trademark Office 21st Century Strategic Plan
January 1, 2004

The United States Patent and Trademark Office received written comments from intellectual property organizations, law firms, businesses, and patent practitioners in response to the United States Pa…

RIAA Settlement Offer Letter
January 1, 2007

This is an anonymous copy of the RIAA letter sent to schools concerning students violating federal copyright laws by uploading and downloading music over school networks. The letter offers the stu…

US Copyright Lobby Out-of-touch
January 1, 2007

"Internet law professor Michael Geist takes a look at intellectual property protection in the US and finds it somewhat out of step with the rest of the world." …

The Information Commons and the Future of Innovation, Scholarship, and Creativity
January 1, 2007

This seminar will discuss how intellectual property law and communications policy affect competition, innovation, creativity, and free speech. Gigi B. Sohn will discuss current policy debates bef…

January 1, 2007

(c)ollectanea! is blog portal addressing the cultural, political and legal context of copyright. (c)ollectanea! is blog portal addressing the cultural,…

Fighting to protect copyright 'orphans'
January 1, 2007

"An effort among Internet activists to halt the extension of copyright protections for orphan works--out-of-print books and media--was dealt a setback last week by a U.S. appeals court decisio…

Authorama: Testing If Google Can Restrict Public Domain Books It Offers For Download
January 1, 2007

"Freeing Google Books from Philipp Lenssen at Google Blogoscoped covers him trying an interesting experiment. Can Google dictate that public domain books that it has scanned and distributed on…

Creative Commons Helps Authors Terminate Copyright Transfers
January 1, 2007

" Still seething over that bad book publishing deal you entered into in 1981? Good news: you might be able to rescue your manuscript and do something lucrative with it, thanks to Creative Comm…

British Library Calls for Digital Copyright Action
January 1, 2006

The British Library has called for a wide-scale revision of existing copyright law, which, it said, inadequately addresses digital content, putting too much control into the hands of content produc…