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Textbooks for the Disabled
August 28, 2009

Publishers open an online system designed to replace the tedious, costly and lawsuit-ridden process of supplying disabled students with course materials. …

E-Readers and E-Textbooks: Current Reality and Future Possibilities
August 26, 2009

This seminar will initially address the current state of e-reader devices and their functionality as platforms for the delivery of e-textbooks, as experienced by Northwest Missouri State Universi…

A Campus-Wide E-Textbook Initiative
July 30, 2009

By Jon T. Rickman, Roger Von Holzen, Paul G. Klute, and Teri Tobin A typical college student spends up to $1,000 per year on textbooks, and many students don’t buy textbooks at a…

EDUCAUSE Now - #22 - 1) The E-Textbook Conundrum 2) ELI Annual Meeting Preview 3) Policy Office Update
December 10, 2009

This month we talk about a looming problem with e-textbook costs and content, find out about the upcoming ELI Meeting, and check in with the EDUCAUSE Policy Office. EDUCAUSE Now is a monthly p…

Online Textbooks Deliver Timely, Real-World Content
January 16, 2009

Textbook: Information Systems: A Manager's Guide to Harnessing Technology Author: John Gallaugher, Associate Professor of Information Systems, Carroll School of Management…

Some Thoughts on Free Textbooks
January 14, 2009

Textbooks : Introduction to Physical Oceanography; Our Ocean Planet; Environmental Science in the 21st Century Author: Robert Stewart, Professor, Oceanography Department,…

Executive Summary
January 16, 2009

STUDENTS Course Correction : Executive Summary By Nicole Allen, Director, Make Textbooks Affordable Campaign From Course Correction: How Digital Textbooks Are Off Track, and H…

January 14, 2009

PUBLISHERS Book Industry Trends: College By Stephanie Oda and Glenn Sanislo From Book Industry Trends 2008 (New York: Book Industry Study Group, 2008), pp. 179-181. Reprin…

E-Texts or Bust: Observations from the Internet2/EDUCAUSE E-Text Pilot
February 5, 2013 | A session at the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Annual Meeting

In 2012, Internet2 and EDUCAUSE sponsored an initiative to pilot the use of e-textbooks across multiple universities. Over 25 institutions are participating in the study, with each evaluating the i…

Finding Your Pathway to E-Textbook Authoring
February 5, 2013 | A session at the ELI Online Annual Meeting 2013

Making and sharing e-books has never been easier. Many tools are available, and many of them are free. The ability to author an electronic document that's portable, accessible on many platform…