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McKeon-Keller Proposed Higher Education Act Bill
October 5, 2007

This is a proposed bill to amend the Higher Education Act of 1965. This is a proposed bill to amend the Higher Education Act of 1965. …

Workshop on Requirements for Technological Control of Illegal File Sharing on College and University Networks
October 3, 2007

This is the report from a technology workshop held under the direction of the Joint Committee of the Higher Education and Entertainment Communities.  The workshop, held April 19-20, 2007, was…

RIAA Moves Against More Colleges
September 24, 2007

"The Recording Industry Association of America recently targeted students at 22 American universities, sending out 403 of its "pre-litigation settlement letters," according to the …

Judge Quashes RIAA Subpoenas in Campus File-sharing Case
September 26, 2007

"A Florida lawyer convinced a judge yesterday to quash several RIAA subpoenas directed against anonymous University of South Florida students. The subpoenas, which use the secretive ex par…

Reply Comments to the FCC on Broadband Industry Practices (Docket 07-52) July 16, 2007
July 16, 2007

This document is a reply to a comment filed by NBC Universal requesting that the FCC require that broadband providers “use readily available means to prevent the use of their broadband networks…

Music biz's future rests on key changes
September 19, 2007

"When it comes to file sharing and illegal downloads, it's the big music labels that complain the loudest about being ripped off. Bob Moon reports on some ideas that might help the reco…

Free? Illegal? ... What's the difference?
September 18, 2007

"Free doesn't always mean legal when you're downloading music. And critics say the recording industry's muddying the waters its spent years in court trying to clear up." …

No pause in music industry's tough play
September 17, 2007

"The recording industry has gotten serious about illegal file sharing. In the last four years it has filed thousands of lawsuits. But, as Bob Moon reports in a special series, even those tar…

Why File Sharing Networks Are Dangerous
September 10, 2007

In this paper the authors analyze P2P security issues, establishing vulnerabilities that software clients represent. The authors go on to present experimental evidence of the risk through honeyp…

RIAA v. The People: Four Years Later
August 29, 2007

In this report the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) provides a comprehensive look at the four-year litigation campaign waged by the RIAA against music fans. The report traces the RIAA campaig…