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The EDUCAUSE 2011 Core Data Service Report: Highlights and Insights into Higher Education Information Technology
January 31, 2012

Authors: Susan Grajek , Vice President for Data, Research, and Analytics, EDUCAUSE Pam Arroway , Senior Statistician, EDUCAUSE This report summarizes results from the 2011 EDUCAU…

Service Catalog and CMDB: Complementary Tools for Managing and Aligning Services
March 25, 2014 | A session at the NERCOMP Annual Conference

There's a lot of talk in IT circles about creating alignment, delivering value, and bridging the gap between the work IT does and the organizations IT supports. The CMDB and the service cata…

EDUCAUSE Core Data Service 2011 Almanacs
October 13, 2011

These two-page, easy-to-scan summaries distill CDS data in a variety of categories that include IT Staffing, IT Support for Students, Teaching and Learning Support, Data Centers and many other ar…

From Us vs. Them to We: Collaborating for Change
September 27, 2011

Key Takeaways It takes sustained focus, effort, and time to create the foundation of trust that underlies all viable collaborations . While IT collaborations usually encounte…

Partnership by Design
February 3, 2014 | A session at the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Annual Meeting

How can different groups on campus partner to deliver services that improve the student and faculty experience while ensuring that services are effective and sustainable? This session will answer…

Evaluating IT and Library Services with the MISO Survey
July 26, 2011

This ECAR research bulletin offers a detailed look at the Measuring Information Service Outcomes (MISO) Survey. Following a description of the underlying survey methodology, this bulletin …

Using Technology Dollars Wisely
June 24, 2011

Key Takeaways With technology costs a growing part of campus budgets, how can campus leaders know they are spending wisely on technology? To avoid overstaffing to meet p…

Alternative Sourcing Strategies at Menlo College
June 24, 2011

Alternative Sourcing Strategies at Menlo College By Raechelle Clemmons As part of revitalizing itself as a Silicon Valley business school, Menlo College tackled its unsatisfa…

From Words to Knowledgebase: Communicating Effectively with Your Users
February 12, 2014 | A session at the EDUCAUSE Connect: Portland

Does writing for a nontechnical audience freak you out? No worries! In our three-part presentation, we will explain the fundamentals of communicating with typical users using good and bad example…

Mobile Tablet Debate
February 11, 2014 | A session at the EDUCAUSE Connect: Portland

Increased use of BYOD and organization-owned tablets in the higher education environment make device management, use, and support increasingly difficult. How do you support one over another? What…