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College/University Roles in the Transition to an Information Age Society
January 1, 1993

New York State, like most states, is reeling from the on-going effects of the national recession. Major businesses are still "rightsizing," government-oriented industries and installation…

The Vision Carolina Project: A New Vision for Telecommunications in North Carolina
January 1, 1992

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is involved in a two year pilot project which links public schools, community colleges, and universities through a fiber optics based telecommunication…

Application of Emerging Technology to Demonstrate Effective Distance Learning Through a Telecommunicated International Business Simulation
January 1, 1992

Integration of information technology beyond specific courses in the academic discipline is a requirement and responsibility of faculty across disciplines. Knowledge is collected, catalogued, and g…

BESTNET: An Electronic Home For International Communities of Interest
January 1, 1992

BESTNET is designed as a fully distributed, integrated computer conferencing, electronic mail and videotext network for education and research. Organizationally, the core of BESTNET is a consortium…

Data Does Networking
January 1, 1992

Since the beginning of computing back in the '50s, we've been doing data. But, my have times changed! Today, data moves at 100 megabits (Whatever that is!) and everybody is doing their ow…

The NREN: Opportunities for College and University Administration
January 1, 1992

While the High Performance Computing Act of 1991 was developed and suported in the context of teaching, learning, and research, the National Research and Education Network (NREN) will present admin…

Financing New Information Access Paradigms, or Why Academic Information Managers Need Cost Models
January 1, 1992

A fundamental shift in the way information is produced, processed, stored, and distributed has brought academic information management to a crossroads. Passage will require strategies that must in…

CWRUnet - Case History of a Campus-wide Fiber-to-the-Desktop Network
January 1, 1992

Case Western Reserve University is operating the first all fiber optic communications network on a university campus. CWRUnet consists of some 7,300 outlets interconnecting faculty offices, studen…

Integration of Voice, Data, and Video Services via a Wide Area Network: Technical and Organizational Issues
January 1, 1991

January 1, 1991 CEM9146 …

An Information Technology Manager's Guide to Campus Phone Operations
January 1, 1990

Professional Paper #3. A "primer" approach, outling major issues in telecommunications facing campuses today. The paper includes a description of the basic components of the phone busin…